FaceCake's suite of technologies presents consumers with interactive access to relevant information in an easy-to-use format to quickly find what they’re looking for.


FaceCake’s Virtual Try-On for apparel, cosmetics, accessories and more enables consumers to compare looks, get style advice and ultimately make informed choices, all in real time.


With FaceCake’s shopping platform’s integrated social sharing component, taking selfies, sharing looks and getting input from friends is a snap.


FaceCake’s augmented retail shopping platform provides frictionless product interaction and built-in links that make it easy to purchase favorites.

Augmented Retail for Mobile, Web and In-Store


Swivel®, a cornerstone of FaceCake’s suite of marketing technologies enables brands to connect with and engage consumers with superior personalization, contains a social media component that incorporates an effortless referral strategy to build greater brand awareness, and boasts advanced user and data capabilities to provide a seamless, tailored experience that places your business at the forefront of NextGen shopping.

Swivel® Close-Up

Available both online and in-store, Swivel® Close-Up’s strong set of fully-customizable features revolutionizes the traditional shopping experience, giving consumers the ability to visualize themselves wearing cosmetics, jewelry, eyewear and accessories in real-time.

Swivel® Close-Up is easy to use, transforming shopping into an event that encourages social sharing and builds purchasing confidence. And with its dynamic data tracking and share features, Swivel® Close-Up positions brands to be smarter, social businesses at the forefront of the fashion and beauty market’s swiftly changing landscape.

Swivel® Smart Digital Signage

Designed to capture shopper attention and keep it, our displays transmit dynamic content in an interactive format that extends engagement time through virtual Try-On, touch, mobile compatibility and more, automatically applying featured products in real time to anyone who walks within camera view.

Immersive visual elements elevate the Try-On experience by complementing featured products and integrated social shopping features allow users to share the fun with family and friends. The rich portfolio of options such as live side-by-side compare view, a customizable data structure and built-in purchase features make Swivel® Smart Digital Signage a powerful marketing and sales tool.


Find your perfect shade then try it on in real time with ShadeScout, the beauty app for iOS that instantly finds makeup that matches any color you see! Spot a color that you’d wear if it were a shade of lipstick or eyeshadow? Capture the perfect color, then see how it looks on you with ShadeScout!

Using FaceCake’s proprietary color and product search technology, ShadeScout searches through more than 10,000 products in its color database to display direct product matches from a large selection of major and luxury cosmetics brands. ShadeScout makes it easy to find products in any makeup category, virtually try them on, get input from friends and buy your must-haves.

Begin your color search and find your perfect shade with ShadeScout!